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Beyond Hegemonic Narratives and Myths
Charles University PRIMUS Project

PRIMUS Workshops


May 28-29, 2018

PRIMUS Workshop 3:  Forgotten by Many: Biographies on Margins

The PRIMUS BOHEMS team organized the third Project Workshop named "Forgotten by Many: Biographies on Margins" on May 28-29. The program consisted of four sessions led by: 

  • Clara Royer (CEFRES)

  • Tassoula Vervenioti

  • Helga Embacher (Universität Salzburg)

  • Chad Bryant (University of North Carolina)

What are the challenges of writing a biography? How to operate and set limits with authors own engagement? How does a biography reflect on historical narratives? The third BOHEMs workshop attempted to deal with these topics and questions, again including a number of academics and writers from abroad in the program. It opened adiscussion in regard of several methodological issues which transgress from the field of biographical writing to academic writing in general.

The workshop was also attended by following junior researchers, who briefly presented their work and took part in the program:

Tobias Blümel (Freie Universität Berlin), Eftychia Mylona (University of Leiden), Alexandra Preitschopf (Universität Salzburg), Agata Rogoś (Humboldt Universität), Stephanie Weismann (Universität Wien)

Sep 24-25, 2017

PRIMUS Workshop 2: Portraying Narratives

The PRIMUS BOHEMS team has organized its second Project Workshop entitled "Portaying Narratives". on September 24-25. The program consisted again of four sessions led by: 

  • Lilijana Radonić (University of Vienna)

  • Igor Štiks (Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh)

  • Nela Milić (Design School, London College of Communication)

  • Martin Piaček (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava)

What is the meaning of museums? What is the role of public space? How can art be used when dealing with difficult memories? Primus team explored these and other questions with a number of distinguished academics from abroad during the second BOHEMs workshop. This event aimed at broadening the discussion on narratives while bringing more understanding of the role and usage of art in their deconstructing or perpetuating.

The workshop was also attended by following junior researchers, who contributed to the discussion:

Adam Novota (Academy of Fine Arts Bratislava), Melinda Harlow (ELTE Budapest), Christin Hansen (University of Regensburg) and Avi Mizrahi (EUI Florence).

April 24-25, 2017

PRIMUS Workshop : Constructing Narratives

The PRIMUS BOHEMS team has organized the first Project Workshop entitled "Constructing Narratives". on April 24-25. The program consisted of four sessions led by:

  •     Maria Pohn-Luggas (University of Vienna)

  •     Gabriella Elgenius (University of Gothenburg/University of Oxford)

  •     Adrian Brisku (Charles University Prague)

  •     Tanja Petrović (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Art)

The PRIMUS BOHEMS team attracted a wide audience from a plethora of academic circles in the Czech Republic along with international guests from institutions such as UCL, Humboldt University Berlin and University of Regensburg among others. Together, all participants contributed to very fruitful discussions during and after the program as well as facilitated what is hoped to be a lifelong exchange of ideas, thereby laying the foundation for future cooperation.

The workshop was also attended by following junior researchers, who contributed to the discussion:

Irina Rebrova (Technical University Berlin), Pedro Correa Martín-Arroyo (London School of Economics), Pavel Szobi (EUI Florence) and Snezana Stankovic (Humblodt University in Berlin).